Plate-Top is a leading manufacturer of highly researching and producing Cantilever CNC cutting machines. Cantilever CNC cutting 

machine was widely known as portable CNC cutting machine. In the CNC cutting machines’ family, Cantilever CNC cutting machine 

is the most economical type. Though the Cantilever CNC cutting machines have been widely used in the cutting field, the quality is highly 

                     varied. Plate-Top makes the improvement of Cantilever CNC cutting machines after summed up the experience with thousands of end 

                     users. By applying our knowledge of cantilever structure and CNC cutting technology, Plate-Top helps his customers’ cutting works with 

                     better performance and better quality.


Plate-Top brand was born in 2012 and is focused on the Cantilever CNC cutting machines field only. We named Plate-Top because this type 

of machines can place on the plate top to cut. In the domestic market, we have operated 5 years under the name of Beijing Jiaming Technology. 

By the end of 2011, we sold more than 6000 cantilever CNC cutting machines and around 2000 ones resold to the global market by OEM. With 

                     the higher quality request from the customers, we make the improvement of the machines–smoother operation, better quality, and more durable 

                     performance. To provide new advanced Cantilever CNC cutting machines continuously to our customers, Plate-Top has just begun.


2012           Establishment of Plate-Top Brand

                    Establishment of Plate Top Limited in HongKong

2011           Broken Sales volume of 6000 Cantilever CNC cutting machines

                     2007           Establishment of Beijing Jiaming Technology Development Ltd